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Our Master of Arts Program is designed to provide students with a thorough grounding in the literature and research of African-American Studies, and enable them to produce critical analysis and research about the complex and historically specific experiences of Africans in the Americas. However, students will also be expected to demonstrate how those experiences have contributed to, and been shaped by, political, cultural and economic forces both nationally and globally.
For students who plan to go on to complete a doctorate, the M.A. program can provide them with a solid foundation from which they can effectively pursue a Ph.D. program; and provide them with an area of expertise in African-American Studies that will serve as a basis for teaching and further research once they complete the doctorate. Our graduate program builds on the unique synergy created between the Institute’s programs and the Harlem community. The graduate students matriculating into the M.A. program are expected to participate in the ongoing lecture series and contribute to the proceedings of the conferences sponsored by the Institute. This promotes a critical exchange between our graduate students and our undergraduate majors, as well as the intellectuals, community leaders and social service providers who regularly attend the activities of the Institute. The faculty encourages and facilitates building relationships between our students and members of the Harlem community, so that students can develop community-based research projects.