Caitlin Hills

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Area of Study: 
Neuroscience and Behavior
Student Status: 
Currently enrolled undergraduate

Originally from New Bedford, Massachusetts, I am a member of Columbia College's Class of 2017. I am double majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior and African-American studies while also fulfilling pre-med requirements. After graduation, I hope to enter an MD/PhD program. As an alumna of the University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth's Upward Bound program, which I participated in throughout high school, I place great importance on helping students through mentorship. After I graduated high school, I was a tutor-mentor in UMass Dartmouth's Upward Bound Program and continued mentoring at Columbia through the Columbia Mentoring Initiative and as Co-chair of Charles Drew's undergraduae mentoring program. In addition to mentoring, I am interested in the neurological effects that differences in life experiences due to differing identities (i.e. race, sexuality, socioeconomic status, etc.) can have on people. I currently work in the neurobiology research lab of Dr. Eric Kandel, studying the gateway hypothesis and addiction, as well as in Dr. Valerie Purdie-Vaughn's Laboratory of Intergroup Relations and the Social Mind.