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Class Year: 
Area of Study: 
Black Feminism, Visual Culture, Affect Theory, Aesthetics and Politics
Student Status: 
Currently enrolled graduate

Keyaria “Key” Rhodes is in her second year of graduate studies in the African American Studies Program. Key’s focus is on Visual Culture and Media Studies. She is currently studying the role of Black Aesthetics as a political mechanism in the contemporary context of Black female resistance across the United States.

She considers herself to be an “academic activist” for social justice issues coming from a background of activism through her leadership in multiple student-led and non-profit organizations. Following her graduate degree, Key plans to maintain her work as a collaborator for the Black liberation struggle through activism, research, and community building. 

Key intends to pursue her PhD to expand her current project that will include contemporary Black social movements as a particular site of visual and media representation. Her research will continue to explore the internal and external dynamics of Black Politics using a Black feminist lens. Key holds a B.A. in Political Science with an Advanced Research Certification from the University of Washington. She also works as the Program Coordinator for the Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity program at Columbia University.