Lucero Jorge

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Class Year: 
Area of Study: 
Caribbean / African Diaspora Studies
Student Status: 
Currently enrolled undergraduate

Lucero is a rising senior in Columbia College, from the Bronx, NY. She's a Urban Studies major, with an African American concentration, particularly in the area of Caribbean and African Diaspora. Her interests lie in the intersections of immigrant communities and communities of color and their place in the urban setting, especially as poverty and inequity in housing and education might affect them. 

She aspires to combine community engagement and activism with law and policy in order to break the cycle of poverty and inequity in her neighborhood especially among youth of color. Possibly be a judge (looking at you RGB and Sonia Sotomayor).

Her time as a student at IRAAS has allowed her not only to open up and learn more about herself, but her culture, even using her knowledge in the classroom to uplift the communities of students on campus.