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Black Studies, Third World Studies & Postcolonial Theory
Student Status: 
Undergraduate alumni

As a poet, organizer, and all around soul-brutha, Bryant has found a home in the IRAAS community. During his time as an undergraduate, Bryant has worked with a number of on and off campus groups, including Columbia's Students Against Mass Incarceration chapter, the Columbia Prison Divest Campaign, the Columbia University Society of Hip Hop, and Harlem's Cop Watch team.

Bryant's politics and scholarship are inseparable. Majoring in IRAAS's interdisciplinary undergraduate program has allowed Bryant to explore (and be critical of) the role that academia (and Columbia specifically) plays in reproducing anti-Blackness and racial capitalism. As a result, Bryant looks forward to pursuing a career as a community organizer before applying to Black Studies PhD programs, with the hope of contributing to the ongoing movement to manifest a world without prisons. He is proud to consider IRAAS (especially Ms. Sharon) family.