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20th Century US; African American
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Graduate alumni

Dr. Tikia K. Hamilton completed a Ph.D. in History at Princeton Universityis in May, 2015. She is currently a Spencer Fellow under the National Academy of Education, which allows her to complete revisions for her first book, entitled Making a Model System: The Battle for Educational Equality in the Nation's Capital before Brown.  Her work recovers the efforts of African-American residents to desegregate Washington D.C.'s public schools.  She also considers alternative strategies local community groups pursued when litigation and interracial collaboration proved insufficient to the goal of gaining immediate relief for black children who endured Jim Crow school conditions.  She holds a Masters in African-American Studies from Columbia University (2004) and a B.A. from Dartmouth College (1998), where she conducted extensive research areas related of black women's history.  A former educator in the independent schools of New York City, she has written a number of articles on matters of race, education and social justice. She also is the owner of Triple Ivy Writing and Educational Solutions, LLC, where she assists writers at all stages of their various projects. She originally hails from Chicago, where she recently relocated. You can find her on Facebook at Tikia K. Hamilton or visit her website at tripleivy.com.